Work Sucks, I Know

Day three, and so far, so good. The book is taking twists and turns and I’m enjoying it; working out is getting easier. If anything, I’d say I’ve been slacking on the tarot. But I have been reading my cards before bed every night.

I’m mostly being dragged down mentally by work. It’s frustrating. Working. Working for other people. That’s not to say I want to go into business for myself, just that corporate work culture sucks. And corporations are greedy bastards.

Nothing new to absolutely anyone, I know. It’s just crazy companies are out here making record profits, and what little gains workers made in wage growth during the post pandemic labor shortage has been eaten away by inflation… caused by corporate greed. We need to get organized; we need to fight.

I think, soon, we’ll be at that tipping point.

One can only hope…

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