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not what you’d call wonderful

[CW: undetailed discussion of menstruation]

I’m having a period for medical reasons (don’t even ask) and oh dear god I forgot how horrendously painful this garbage is. Even my teeth hurt. What do my teeth have to do with my uterus? I have literally no idea, but they hurt.

Also, have you noticed that cis males never say period-havers suffer from menstrual cramps? They “complain” about them, but never suffer. Says a lot, I think.

downtown sparkle plaza

New headcanon: Ikari Shinji would really enjoy synthwave music. Future funk when he’s feeling okay, and abandoning himself wholly to dreamwave when things get too much for him.

take a stand and spit a fact

I am now president of the “instead of saying someone is too cowardly to commit suicide, we’ll say someone is too depressed to commit suicide” club, because…bravery or lack of really has nothing at all to do with suicide.

fear beyond telling

I need to make a new layout for this thing. I need to make a new layout for a lot of things (or just convert them to something more mobile-friendly). I’ve been approved for four new fanlistings, and just finished converting all my existing fanlistings on Studio Wish from BellaBuffs to Enthusiast3, for the sake of ease of management…also because I want to open a collective for my TAFL-based listings. I mean, why not, right? It’s a dead hobby, but I enjoy it.

I am…really tired. But the less said about that the better, I think. Whining won’t fix anything…I’m just afraid that nothing will fix anything, because, well. When you’ve been sick for 15 years you just kinda…get used to it. Thumping headaches every day and full-body pain is not normal, but so many doctors look at you askance if you have chronic pain — look out, it’s a pill chaser.

Except…no. I just want to not be in physical pain anymore. It’s exhausting and is eating away at my mental health.

not getting in that damn robot

Here we are, and here’s to better beginnings.

I did my usual half-decade-ly watch of End of Evangelion and I know two things for sure:

1) that was not a good thing to partake in while brain is in a bad place,

2) I still have so many thoughts about, feelings regarding, and far too much empathy for Ikari Shinji. I still see far too much of myself in him — or myself at this particular moment in my life, at least. I always thought that, as an adult, I became quite Misato-esque, and…I mean, look at my neuroses, I did, but me at 14 was just a female version of Shinji. So very, very much. To the point where I would get to the end of some episodes and think “how can someone get inside my mind like that?” (and because of schizophrenic thought patterns, may have actually written a diary entry consisting of mildly mad rambling questioning how someone could “do that to me”…I literally felt like someone was looking right into my soul and then throwing it onto my TV screen and the whole world could see it.)

Another thing I know is that my kneejerk reaction to people complaining that Shinji is “whiny” or “weak” or the usual is to disregard pretty much everything they have to say about anything 😀

Another gripe I have, Evangelion-wise: people who describe Misato as “a genuinely horrible person”. Did…did we watch the same show? She is a genuinely and deeply flawed person, oh hell yes, but her intentions are good, and her protective feelings and motherly love towards Shinji is absolutely, 100% genuine. You don’t let yourself get blown up for someone you’re just using as an emotional security blanket.

She’s not a perfect person by any stretch of the imagination, but trust me, Misato is one of the good ones. And good people can do shitty and stupid things. What is WITH this fandom and black and white thinking?