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when I met you, I said my name was Rin

…you looked like someone who would get everythin’

So my stalker touched down on Love Reflection and just…I am so, so tired of this. Our worlds are beyond separate, I have literally NOTHING to do with them past laughing at other people laughing at the overdramatics of a couple of their friends back in March, and I am just…I am f’ing tired. I have enough shite to deal with at the moment without having to put up with some slimy creepy who is flat-out lying about me being in a cult (aaaaaand previously flat-out lied about me being a sexual predator. I f’ing kid you NOT). Just, leave me alone? You go do your unhinged thing wherever you are and I’ll continue to have absolutely nothing to do with your abusive self. I am so sick of going into an automatic panic spiral when I see their bloody IP pop up on my tracker.

Banned them, so I’ll be surprised if they appear again, but that’s not the point.

Urgh, whatever.

Still in pain, nerve pain, no less. Fun stuff, that. BUT. I’ve been migraine-free since last Tuesday, so…good with the bad. Or is it bad with the good? I can’t remember. Neither, both. More stabbity time tomorrow morning. Hopefully my acupuncturist can fix this.

Apropos of close to nothing, the exchange rate is bumming me out horribly, aaaaand I think I’m going to switch back to (bleh) WordPress. HTMLy is nice, but not terribly customisable, layout-wise.

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