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I’m not dead! …to my surprise. It has been a weird four days filled with pain, migraines, blood, pain, coding-from-bed, pain, chocolate, pain, an Eva rewatch in progress, and…I mentioned pain, right? Because there was pain!

(Free to decent home: chronic pain! Like used! If you enjoy headaches and full-body aches you’re not gonna want to let this bargain slip by…)

Finished thisthis, and this! All candidates for shrinage because all three are ladies I love. All my fanlistings have a same-ness to them, at least coding-wise, but I think I’m okay with that? As long as mobile users can view them, that’s what matters. You can’t do as many things on a 360×640 layout as you could on a desktop one, but that doesn’t matter, as long as it’s readable and elegant. Simple doesn’t have to mean dull!

Also giving SeptCity a huge overhaul…still have to tweak a few things here&there, but we’re almost all good for launch! Fingers crossed…

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